Pouet épinglé

Zvirra a trop de flow. Je ne tente pas de rap battle avec elle.

@cafou My competence about Switzerland is all through the "Heidi, Girl of the Alps" anime, thus not very reliable or up to date lol

C'est marrant de voir les ultra-cathos vociférer contre la #GPA: La première mère porteuse, c'était quand même Marie 😄

Being called Monsieur, make accounting, dealing with banks, French administration. Gosh I don't like to be an adult. I want my childhood back please.


"G-Guess which hand has the candy, get it right and it's yours"

Did another sketch:) Original elf cutie:)
Let me know what you think:)



Allez, je vais dormir. Bonne nuit tout le monde.

Good night everyone 🤗

Do not fist Android Girls


Do not grab fucking fire

1. open mastodon
2. see everyone giving lots of love and affection and being cute and nice and memey and cool
3. keep mastodon open bc it's good

Fablab LCube

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